Tour Transfagarasan Balea Lake

Tour Transfagarasan Balea Lake

Tour Transfagarasan Balea Lake

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Tour : TransfagarasanBalea Lake

BrasovSambata de SusBrancoveanu Monastery – Cartisoara Village –Transfagarasan- Balea Waterfall – Balea Lake – Brasov

  • departure from Brasov at 9 am
  • visit Sambata de Sus village and Brancoveanu Monastery
  • visit Transfagarasan
  • Balea lake
  • Optional(Extra) - The tour can continue and we visit Vidraru Lake and  Poienari Fortress (Built by Vlad Tepes in 1459)
  • return to Brasov around 8 pm

Departure from Brasov is at 9 am, from Council Square (Piata Sfatului)or the location where you are staying at Brasov(hotel).

We start our trip and go to Sambata de sus , crossing Fagaras Mountains and visit Brancoveanu Monastery. Brancoveanu Monastery is a place well known for its tranquility, inspiring the believers and the visitors who pray or stop in that holly place, to built up inner strength and optimism. The history of Brancoveanu Monastery begins in 17th century. In 1654 the village and the estate from Sambata de Sus were under the rule of Preda Brancoveanu (land owner from the south of Carpathians) who built a church from wood on the valley of the river. Around 1696, on the same place, the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714) built a monastery of stone.  More than 150 monasteries were destroyed to the order of Hungarian general Bukow. In 1785, taking advantage of the circumstances, to the request of catholic administration, Vienna sent general Preiss to demolish Brancoveanu Monastery. The cells were completely destroyed and the church becomes a ruin. The last bastion of orthodox defence in Fagaras county- Brancoveanu Monastery (built between 1696 and 1698) was destroyed in 1785. The honor of being the second founder of Brancoveanu Monastery came to the Metropolitan Bishop Dr. Nicolae Balan, who began the restoration of the church in 1926. The blessing was made in 1946, after the war. The people who came here to study or to find themselves are also housed and served; they can enjoy the conditions from monastery, the scientific material for the study from the library and also can enjoy the beautiful scenery.


From Cartisoara Village we follow Transfagarasan along Balea Valley and reach Balea Waterfall. The Transfagarasan road was born, out of one of Ceausescu’s many paranoid episodes, wanting to secure a Carpathian crossing in case of Russian invasion (as had happened in Czechoslovakia in 1968). Ceausescu built this wonderful road between 1970-1974, using the Romanian army soldiers.

Due to the altitude at which it is built, Transfagarasanul is opened fully, only between June and October, when we first snow.
It is a spectacular road, tortuous, surrounded by waterfalls with water (the largest Balea Waterfall -86 m), a beautiful alpine vegetation, small lakes and beautiful mountains scenery.

At the road’s peak is Lake Bâlea (2,034 meters/6,671 feet) which is also often lost in fog. The Balea Lakeis a glacier lake situated at 2,034 m above sea level.The views around the lake are stunning in both summer and winter.From the lake, hiking trails start at different peaks in Fagaras mountains, the lake is.In winter, with the lake, the famous hotel is built of ice and ice church.Tourists who sleep in this hotel part of an unforgettable experience.

During the winter the only way up to the frozen lake is by cable car, which makes the site even more incredible when you arrive.An instant after passing the Lake Balea turnoff, you’ll plunge into a 887 meterslong tunnel, emerging on the south side of the mountain. We follow the road along Capra River, that gives you scenic views.

Optional (Extra) - The tour can continue and we visit Vidraru  Lake and  Poienari Fortress (Built by Vlad Tepes in 1459)

Then return to Brasov around 8 pm.


Shared tour from Brasov :

   1 person

185 €/pers

  2-3 persons

 95 €/pers

   4-5 persons

 90 €/pers

   6-7 persons

 85 €/pers

  Included: transport with luxury van mercedes Vklass full options or similar car,  english or german guide, permanent assistance,maps.

Not included: lunch, entrance tickets, other services not specified on the intinerary, photo and video fees, banking or e-payment fees.

  We can organize trips for bigger groups and prices are negociable.

   For private tour please contact us .

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